Friday, May 25, 2012

Upcycled Baby Armoire

We found a great set of nursery furniture for Baby O. It is very nice (and extremely heavy!) furniture, but one of the pieces was pretty beat up. The guy we bought it from hadn't even advertised the matching armoire, but offered it to us just in case we were interested. It was a little too big for the room as is, but we figured we could do something with it!

Here is the before:

The door was cracked and there were a few chips, nothing that couldn't be repaired, but I decided the part I was really interested in was the drawer section. Making it a tall tower would fit perfectly in the corner of the nursery!

Eric carefully disassembled the pieces by taking off the molding and unscrewing the pieces, then we just had to put the puzzle back together! Luckily this just involved cutting down a few of the boards and reconfiguring the top.

We were left with all these scraps:

Here it is after being glued and nailed back together. Just in case you were wondering, we used a very complicated (and professional) system of weights and clamps to hold everything in place so it would dry correctly :).

A semi-assembled work in progress:

Eric recut and attached the trim and cut down the top and reassembled it with biscuits so we could keep the detailed edge intact.

Here is it all put together. We still need to patch it up a little bit to fill a few of the cut lines but it will be ready for paint this weekend if the wind cooperates!

Can't wait to reveal the REAL finished product!

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