Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crib Bedding Part 2: Fitted Crib Sheets and Binky Bag!

If you missed Part 1: I posted about making a bed skirt here.

I thought I may be able to find a navy or grey fitted crib sheet but I'm not a fan of jersey bedding so even that has been tough to track down! Luckily making your own fitted crib sheets couldn't be easier.

All I needed was a high thread count full flat sheet and some elastic and I had two luxurious crib sheets in no time!
Start by cutting your full flat sheet in half. I finished off the cut edges with my serger (but you could also just turn them under and stitch). Then I layed the sheet (wrong side up) on top of the mattress and marked where each of the corners were.

Carefully slide the sheet off, stitch down your pin lines, trim off the excess, turn it right side out and put it back on your mattress. If you pinned closely it should fit just right, but you can always take time to tweak it. Then just sewing a casing along the open edges and thread a piece of elastic to cinch up the fabric on the underside of the mattress.

Easy as that! And you can make a second from the same sheet.

I love that this allows me to use nicer quality sheets and different colors or patterns than are typically available in crib sheets. I kept the rest of the bedding just navy and white so I can mix in different color sheets to give the nursery another pop of color. I will definitely be making a stack of these!

Since the sheet was so easy I decided to whip out a binky bag to match!

I've seen a few nursery's with a little bag attached to the crib railing to collect pacifiers. We haven't completely decided if we're going to use pacifiers with Baby O, but just in case, I thought this would be a great piece to have! Who wants to be digging around in the drak in the middle of the night to find one when you could have a cute and convenient place to store them?

I started with a piece of the striped fabric I used to make the bed skirt (16" x 7.5") and an extra scrap of the gray sheet material (14" x 7") and serged the edges. You could make this as big or small as you'd like but mine turned out just right to hold a handful of pacifiers.

With right sides together, fold ans sew the short side together on each piece.

Fold each pocket so the seam is centered in the back and stitch the bottom closed.

I created a strap with one of our other nursery fabrics but you could use anything to tie the bag onto the railing. Turn the larger pocket right side out and sew the center of the strap on the seam.

Insert the smaller pocket (still wrong side out) so when you look into the bag you don't see any seams or serging.

Using the iron, I folded over the edge of the larger pocket to conceal the serging and then again to cover the top of the smaller pocket.

Create a casing by sewing around the edge of the top, leaving a small unsewn space near the back seam.

To make the bag so it was open (and you could easily use one hand to retrieve the pacifier) I inserted a small strip of boning (found in the notions section) in the casing and then sewed up the remainder of the top edge.

Here it is all finished on the crib:

Now that I have the bumper in place (which I'll be revealing soon!) I think I may move the bag to the other side near the wall so it doesn't look so busy, but I'm sure we'll be thankful to have this in the middle of the night. I'll just have to keep it stocked with a clean selection of pacifiers!

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