Friday, April 20, 2012

Baby O: 22 Weeks

Baby O
How far along? 22 Weeks
Maternity clothes? More and more of my regular tops are getting put away, I'm so glad it's getting warmer so I can start living in dresses.
Stretch marks? Still don't have any, hope it stays that way!
Movement: I felt a lot more distinct movements the past few days... I'm sure I'll have his elbows in my ribs in no time.
Food cravings: Still drinking lots of milk and I crave candy, but I don't think that's pregnancy related : ).
Can't resist: Buying clothes! We registered over the weekend so I'm hoping that will curb my habit for the time being.
Gender: Baby Boy!
Symptoms: Still feeling great and sleeping well, but I can feel my belly getting bigger everyday so I'm sure that won't last much longer.
Belly Button in or out? Popped halfway out this week. It's pretty weird since I usually have a VERY innie belly button.
Projects This Week: Touching up the trim paint and getting to work on his bedding as soon as the fabric comes!
Looking forward to: Getting his furniture situated so I can start organizing the closet and finding a place for all the clothes I washed.

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  1. Looking adorable as usual! LOVE the pants! Where did you register?