Thursday, January 17, 2013

5 Months Old!

Some highlights from this month:
- Met his Uncle Mikey for the first time!
- Tries to crawl but has a hard time getting his belly off the ground! Very good at moving himself forward if he has something to push off of.
- Celebrated his first Christmas (and was spoiled rotten with presents)!
- Has mastered grabbing toys and getting them to go where he wants.
- Definitely favors his left hand... we'll see if his Daddy gets his wish!
- Loves attention and will happily smile and chat with you.
- Rung in the New Year!
-Attended his first children's birthday party to celebrate his cousin Argia turning 2!

5 Month Stats:
18 lbs

We've had lots of drool lately... just waiting for a tooth to pop through!

Check out those chubby arms! Love that boy.

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